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Walkthrough of the Unregistered Version of Exile III: Ruined world


Fort Emergence

You start in your bedroom in Fort Emergence. You can return here to rest at any time. Get the scroll and read it (by using it). Look in the dressers, and get the stuff. Go talk to Anaximander, who is located at (1,5). He'll tell you to go to the surface, although you can go gain experience in two dungeons in Upper Exile first. These are the Goblin Lair and the Bandit Hideout. There is a map to them in the bookshelf at (10,4).

You can, if you wish, go explore Upper Exile by leaving Fort Emergence to the south. When you're ready, you can go out onto the surface by leaving to the north.


Krizsan Province and the Slimes

Upon reaching the surface, head south to the ocean, and look for the city of Krizsan. Entering and asking around, you can find out about the horrible invasion of slimes that has been tormenting Krizsan Province. Destroying the slimes is not necessary to win the game. However, if you don't destroy them, you must eliminate the cockroaches on the Isle of Bigail to be able to win.

Speak with Mayor Arbuckle, who will give you a mission to go destroy the slimes. Then search town until you find Dawn the sailor. She will tell you of strange lights she has seen on the coast to the west. This is a good place to investigate.

Heading west from Krizsan, you can find the Agate Tower. This is an important, but tricky dungeon. You may wish to adventure elsewhere to gain experience before venturing inside.

Once in, you need to get to Jordan's library, where you will find out the location of the Slime Pit and the main weakness of the slimes. Walk down the entry corridor, and get dropped into the basement. Go through the door at (7,32). You will be in Jordan's inner sanctum. Explore it, kill him, and search the bookshelves around (13,42). You will now know where the Slime Pit is, and have learned that fireballs destroy the pools where slimes are made.

Leave this area through the door at (15,39). Head east, destroying the slime pool with a fireball if you want, head north, and climb the stairs at (23,27). Pull the lever at (19,24) to turn off the corridor traps, and walk out.

Now, if you're feeling strong, you can assault the slime pit, southeast of the town of Colchis, which is east of Krizsan. Exploring Colchis thoroughly, you can find two magical items which can provide protection against the slimes' nastier magical effects.

When ready, enter the Slime Pit. Head west to the pedestal at (32,29). This is the first of many button puzzles you will encounter. There are five stairways down on the first level of the slime pit. The location of each button on the pedestal corresponds to the location of a stairway down. When pressed, the button will open the gate at the base of that stairway. Explore the level, pick a stairway, press the button corresponding to that stairway, and climb down it.

Level 2 consists of five separate sections, each populated with slimes, and each ending in a slime pool. Proceed through each section, destroying the pool at the end with a fireball (one tip - in the long west tunnel, there's a secret passage at (7,14) ). When all the pools are destroyed, the barriers on the other sides of the pools will disappear. Go through, and kill the gigantic Alien Slime. Once dead, the slimes will disappear, and you will have successfully completed this quest.

Go through the secret passage at (24,3), and find the magical rune. Leave the Slime Pit and go to Krizsan to get your reward from the mayor, and the return to Fort Emergence. Speak to Berra the mage (in the southeast section of Fort Emergence) and ask him about 'evidence.' He'll tell you something interesting. Sometime soon, a visit to Erika will be in order.

Then see Anaximander. He'll congratulate you, and tell you to visit the Tower of Magi for magical training. Leave Fort Emergence to the south to enter Upper Exile. Go to the Portal Fortress, to the west. Speak with Seles to get permission, and then enter the portal at (5,42). Find Solberg, and he'll give you spells. Each time you complete a monster mission, go speak to either 'X' or Solberg, and one of them will give you some new, powerful spells.

At this point, everything regarding the slimes is pretty much settled, and it's time to move on. Adventure (and major grossness) awaits you on the Isle of Bigail.


The Isle of Bigail:

The Isle of Bigail can be reached by going to Farport, going up to the docks, and taking the ferry across to Port Townsend. This island is home to a religious group called the Anama, and a horde of gigantic, disease carrying cockroaches. You might want to join the Anama (read the next section for more on this). You definitely want to kill the roaches.

From Port Townsend, go northwest to Shayder, the main city on the island. Ahonar and Sara know a variety of useful spells. After looking around, speak with Arkley, in the library in the northeast corner of town. He tells you about some friendly spiders near Bavner, and about a potentially helpful mage in the ruined city of Kneece. Finally, see Mayor Bernathy to get the mission to kill the roaches. Start with the friendly spiders (which players of Exile and Exile II will most likely remember well).

The Giant, Friendly, Intelligent, Talking Spiders live 10 spaces west and 21 spaces north of Bavner. Enter, and go to (18,3). Talk to the guard spider, and tell him the chief spider's name is 'Spider.' (All spiders are named Spider.) Go past, and talk to the chief. He will tell you of the existence of friendly cockroaches, and tell you the location of their lair if you help the spiders with a combat. Leave the spider lair, and enter the space 10 spaces northwest of the spider lair, surrounded by rocks. Do the combat, and return to the chief spider. He'll tell you about the roach lair.

The Giant, Intelligent, Friendly, Talking Roaches live about 35 spaces directly north of the spider lair. Enter, and either speak with 'Filth Spreader' or find the map etched in filth in the northwest corner. Either of these will tell you where the Filth Factory, where the roaches are raised, is located.

Now you're ready to go speak with Purgatos, in Kneece. Enter Kuper, go to the docks, and take the ferry across to Kneece. Purgatos lives in the very center of the ruin (when asked if you want to pass through a thin barrier, say yes). Speaking with Purgatos will get you the Phoenix Egg (an artifact introduced in Exile II). You are now ready for the assault on the Filth Factory.

The Filth Factory is west of some mountains, up the shore north of Shayder. You'll have to fight two large groups of roaches to enter. Once inside, you'll run into a serious problem: the factory's creators have sealed all routes to the core of the factory. You'll have to be very clever to get in. The most direct route (which will cause you to miss some cool stuff) through is:

Head up to (52,11). The southwest passage leads to the control room. First, clear out all the monsters between there and the door at (52,28). Go back to the control room passage and send a single character through the barrier. There are several fights ahead. Note that if the lone character gets beat up, it can go back to rejoin the party and get healed. When you work through to the control room, go to the panel at (41,15), and press the button that stops the garbage flow. This makes a new area open to you, for a short time. Have the lone character rejoin the party, and go by the most direct route to (52,28), and from there to (47,32). Go through the trench through the south, and then through the locked door at (52,36). Go down the stairway.

You're now near the factory machinery, but it's protected. You're also trapped in this section. You'll need to cause an explosion to force your way out. Go pull the lever at (49,34) to close off the pipes, and then the lever at (50,23) to send fluid through those same pipes. Go down to (54,35) through the hole in the wall, and use the teleporter.

Head up to (47,2) (use the teleporters in the corners to save time). Go south through the crack, west, and then south to reach the entrance to the circles of trash around (14,30). Also note there's a stairway up at (5,39). You're going to need to use it soon.

Work your way into the center, stopping at (26,36) to get the scales. When you reach (25,28), you'll be asked if you want to use the Phoenix Egg. If you're ready to make a run for it, say yes. Quickfire will soon pour out of the center, so leave immediately, taking the most direct route out of the trash circles. If you get stuck or trapped by monsters, going into combat mode and using multiple haste spells is the best way to outrun quickfire. Go up the stairway at (5,39), and out. You win. Go back to Mayor Bernathy to get your reward. It's time to move onto Sharimik and the troglodytes.

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