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Walkthrough of the Unregistered Version of Exile II: Crystal Souls


How to use this page: Find your question in the appropriate section. Look at the number. Turn to the Answers section, and find the appropriate number in the list. This will be your hint.

If more than one number is given, each number represents a hint, with later numbers giving more advanced hints. Read them from left to right; don't skip to the middle. The later hints will generally build on the earlier ones.


Exile II is split up into 4 chapters, each with its own puzzles and goals. This chapter deals with the problems and questions likely to come up in each chapter.


Chapter 1 - The Barriers


This is the introduction of the game. Here, you build a strong party, get used to the surroundings of Exile, and start figuring out what's going on. Don't be afraid to leave puzzles unsolved and dungeons unexplored - you'll be back here someday.


What is my goal in this chapter? 4

How do I survive the attack on Fort Ganrick? 22

I keep getting killed trying to get into the Nephilim Castle. What should I do? 14

There's a gate in the Nephilim Castle that asks me for a password. What is it? 21 3

I found a path blocked by webs. How do I pass them? 13 27

How do I steal Motrax's treasure without him attacking me? 2

I can't pass a corridor because I don't have "Magi Clearance." How do I get it? 12

I have to destroy this evil altar. I've found it. How do I destroy it? 20 26

I found this door outdoors that asks for a password. What is it? 11 25

How do I bring down these barriers outdoors that everyone's so upset about? 10 19

I found this place called Solberg's Tower. How do I get in? 17


Chapter 2 - Dark Waters


Dark Waters involves a long, one-way trip through grim, monster infested tunnels. Many are the ruins and many are the dangers that must be faced, as you explore the abandoned lands of the mysterious Vahnatai.

Dark Waters is a stressful chapter for many gamers, because of fears that something important will be left behind. Don't worry about it. The chapter is designed so that, even if you breezed through doing the absolute minimum you could do, you still will not damage your ability to finish the game in any way. So do what you want.


What is my goal in this chapter? 9

I'm stuck down a waterfall. How do I go back? 18

I found this weird creature called a Vahnatai in a house. What do I do? 8

I found this place called the Barrier Tower. How do I get in? 17

How do I open the gates in the River Fort? 1 7

I'm trying to pay my respects to Dahris-Bok, but his dungeon is a pain...

What do I do with the levers? 16 24

There's this room with three portculli. How do I pass? 6

The vampire keeps killing me! What do I do? 29

I thought the Vahnatai wanted to talk to me. Why are a bunch of them attacking me? 23

I found this dungeon where someone was trying to awaken a bunch of Vahnatai in these big

crystal coffins. How do I do it? 5 15

Once I reach the Vahnatai lands, some towns won't let me in, and I can't speak their language! 30


Chapter 3 - Testing


At last, you get to meet the mysterious and threatening Vahnatai, the beings responsible for the barriers dividing up your homeland. You must learn their language and customs, and convince them to stop their attacks against you.

There are many adventurers in this section. Some of them must be done now, and some of them shouldn't be done until much later.


What is my goal in this chapter? 49

What should I do first? 53

I can't understand what the Vahnatai are saying, and they keep attacking me! What do I do? 30 48


The Answers:

1. To open the gates, you need an items from a different dungeon. Explore a bit more.

2. You can't - Motrax's defenses are too good. If you want the dragon's stuff, you have to fight for it.

3. The password is 'Ghath.'

4. Your goal is to find out about the barriers cutting you off from the rest of Exile, discover who created them, and begin your journey to meet them. This part ends when you take the boat you find after leaving through the passage in east Formello, and begin your journey to meet the Vahnatai.

5. Look for two scraps of paper. The information you need is written on them.

6. Stepping on a space in the 3x3 room south of the portculli opens/closes some portculli. The trick is to step in the northwest corner an odd number of times. Then the puzzle is easy. Leaving the dungeon and reentering resets the puzzle.

7. Go to the Watery Ruins, which are in the southwest corner of this outdoor section. In the northwest corner of this dungeon are hexagonal bars. Get one (or more - you can sell them later). Then return to the River Fort. There are two special spaces where you use the bars to open the gates to let your boat pass.

8. Just talk to him. He tells you a little bit about the Vahnatai and why they want you to visit them.

9. Your goal is to complete the dangerous journey down the river and reach the lands of the Vahnatai. This chapter ends when you pass through the dungeon Long Tunnel.

10. Boy! Those barriers are powerful! Maybe you should find out who made them.

11. You cannot do this until you reach Chapter 4. If you have reached Chapter 4... 25

12. You need to have earned Magi Clearance. You cannot do this until Chapter 4.

13. Perhaps some more friendly spiders can help you.

14. Remember - to find a secret door in cave wall, just walk into it. Search for secret doors outdoors north of the Nephilim Fortress, and in the cave wall far west of the front gate.

15. Go to the control panel at the east end of the dungeon. Enter 'blwlb.'

16. There is a room with four portculli in the center of the room. Turning wheels causes some gates to open and some to close. Try exploring new areas when you can reach them.

17. You can't get in now. Don't worry - you'll be back here eventually.

18. You can't go back (without using the character editor). You have to fight your way through.

19. Go to east Formello. Get the message about the Vahnatai. Prepare, then explore the opened area in the northeast corner of town. You'll find the route to Vahnatai lands.

20. Read about the first level priest spells. Anything look interesting?

21. Fort Ganrick eventually gets attacked by Nephilim. One of them, when killed, coughs up a valuable hint.

22. After a certain point in the game, don't return to Fort Ganrick until your party is fully healed and well armed. Let the soldiers run up and take most of the punishment. Throw in a few summoned monsters to help them. Bombard them with spells. Wait as long as you can before fighting them, so that more fort defenders can come help. Hopefully, they'll be softened up enough that you can take them.

23. Good question. Perhaps there's more than one faction of Vahnatai.

24. Enter the central room with the four portculli. Leave by the east entrance. Find the wheel, pull it and return to the central room. Leave by the north exit, find the wheel, turn it, return to the center, go through the west exit, find and turn the wheel, return to the center, go out the south exit, and head west. Find Dahris-Bok and pay your respects.

25. The password is on a body to the west of Cotra. It's 'Skulls.'

26. Find the spell Ritual of Sanctification. It's in a library at the west end of Formello. You can get it by finding a secret door in the west wall of Formello.

27. Go to the Spider Caves. Look for a pool of slime. Rub it all over yourself. You'll be able to pass the webs.

28. You need Royal Clearance. Wait until Chapter 4.

29. You can get around the vampire. Look for a secret door in the south wall of the room with 2 pillars.

30. To be able to speak the Vahnatai tongue, you need to perform a ritual in Avit.

48. Go to the pools in the northeast corner of Avit. Touch the three pools, going from left to right.

49. Your goal is to reach the Council at Olgai, convince them that Exile may not be guilty of stealing the Crystal Souls, and return to Exile.

53. Enter Avit. Talk to people and perform the Ritual of Welcoming.

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