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Walkthrough of Exile I: Escape from the Pit

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1.0 Mission questions: How do I win the game?


Mission 1: Complete the royal quests and save Exile.


How do I start this quest? 41

They won't let me near the king! How do I get in? 9

How do I kill Sss-Thsss? 59

I've killed Sss-Thsss. What do I do now? 48

I need to release a certain nasty creature. How do I do it? 1

How do I get into that tower? All I find are buttons. 37

How do I open the flask? 61

I freed him! Where did he go? 10

How do I get into his fort? 35

How do I kill Grah-Hoth? 21


Mission 2: Escape from the underworld.


How do I get started? 62

How do I join the Scimitar? 27

Where do I get the passwords?

First part: 11 Second: 34 Third: 51 Fourth: 40

Where is the exit from the underworld? 50

There's a stupid dragon in my way. How do I get past him? 22

The dungeon blocking the exit is slaughtering me. Any tips on how to get by? 12


Mission 3: Wreak a horrible revenge upon the Empire.


How do I get started? 23

What all do I need to get? 33

Where do I go after I get the stuff together? 33

How do I get past the first tower? 13

The second tower? 54

How do I get down the long passage? 52

How do I survive the final fight? 88


2.0 Miscellaneous Questions


I can't get into that big Nephilim fort! The burning oil keeps killing me! What do I do? 78

I need to get over this chasm/river! I'm sure there are no secret passages. How do I do it? 69

I keep hearing about the Scimitar. How do I join?

A hint. 6

The answer. 76

Some of the statues talk! Do they say anything useful? 2

How do I get into the Castle? 36

Near the start, there's a bunch of gremlins guarding a glade. How do I get past them? 60

How do I get past those stupid magic barriers? 37

There is a maze of waterfalls. What am I trying to find? 89

I killed a dragon, and now I know I need something from it. What do I do? 91

I'm in a two-floor slith temple. There's a locked door on a wall in the center of the second floor. Where is the key? 93


The Quests

Someone in Cotra wants me to rescue some prisoners. How do I do it? 87

How do I heal Hathwisa (Patrick's wife)? 81

Some commander wants some plans. Where are they? 32

Mirewen wants a slith magic tome. Where is it? 5

I'm trying to break an orb in a gremlin cave. What do I do? 76


Locked Doors

I found a tower surrounded by lava. The door wants a password. What is it? 8

There's a magic barrier in the Castle that seems to demand a password. What is it?


I went into this crypt, but the door locked behind me. How do I get out? 17

There's another crypt. I can get a ways in, but once I cross the pit, I find a big locked door. How do I get it open? 56

I'm at the bottom floor of the Crypt of Drath. There's bunch of teleporters. What do I do? 85


I want to kill Sss-Thsss.

Where is he? How do I get in to him? There's too many monsters! 42

What about the locked door? 64

I killed him! How do I get past the bridge over the pit? 45



The Tower of Magi

'X' wants to know about an anvil. What do I tell him? 68

Why is everyone in the Tower of Magi so freaked out? 77

There's a hissing, nasty magic barrier in the demon laboratory in the Tower of Magi. How do I get past it? 43


Around the Giant's Fort

I want to enter Bargha from the east. What do I do? 66

How do I get past the huge gate near the giant's fort? For that matter, how do I get out of the giant's fort? 63


The Northern Islands

There's a large watery area to the north I can't find a boat for. How do I explore it? 39

Sailing around to the north, I see this tower but I can't get to it. Help! 72

There's this blue field past a secret passage in an island to the north. I die if I try to pass it. What gives? 7

I finally got to that tower on the northern island beyond the blue field. It doesn't have any doors. How do I get in? 26

How do I get past the blue field to get out? 82


Erika's Tower

How do I get into Erika's tower? 24

What's the deal with the goblins in Erika's tower? 25


3.0 The Answers:


1. To free Grah-Hoth, you need to go to the tower he's imprisoned in, west of Spire in the Abyss. It's beyond a well-guarded fort; you'll need to kill a bunch of guards to get through. Once there, the flask he's trapped in is inside the tower. Go find it...

2. The statues are not relevant until very late in the game. Don't worry about them until you've met Erika. 79

3. You get the royal token by returning the mayor of Formello's necklace to her. Go ask her about 'necklace.'

4. To get the key to the stone door in the Crypt of Drath, go visit Motrax, the dragon far to the northeast. Ask him about 'bribe.' He tells you about the key. Go find the battlefield where the people he describes were slaughtered - it's a bit south, then a bit east. You'll find the key there.

5. The slith tome is in the slith town across the river from Fort Dranlon, and to the north end of the swamp. Go the the temple in the northeast corner of the town. The tome is hidden up there.

6. The first step in joining the Scimitar is talking to Malka in Dharmon. She refers you to Royce, in Blosk. Ask him about 'scimitar.' To go farther, go to... 76

7. To get past the blue field, find the pool on the island to the west. When you bathe in it, you become immune to the field for a brief time. Go to the pool through the secret passage at the east side of the island. Bathe in the pool. Go straight to the field.

8. You get the password to enter the tower from an outdoor special encounter behind a hidden passage to the east of the Tower of Magi. Kelner, in the Tower of Magi, knows about it. Ask him about 'haakai.'

9. To get into the king, you need a royal token... 3

10. Grah-Hoth went to his fortress, at the very, very northwest corner of Exile.

To find the boat that will get you up there... 39

11. You get the first part of the password from the dragon Athron. Ask him about 'password.'

Athron? Where's Athron? 80

12. To get past that big chasm, first hit the button beyond the secret passage in the corridor leading there. Go to the chasm, and hit the button nearby. Run across the second bridge.

Fight your way to the gauntlet, near the end of the level. You need to hit three buttons hidden throughout this huge cave. This clears the way to the exit from the underworld, at the north end of the cave. The best tip for surviving wandering around: go with your lights out. The monsters won't be able to attack you from far away.

13. To get through the Black Spire, you need the royal seal. Talk to Aydin, in the hidden tower on one of the northern islands. To find the way in... 72

Once Aydin's tower, ask him about 'trap.'

When in the Black Spire, go to the fresco at the north end. Press the Seal in the lower corner. Go to the eastern door. Pull the nearby lever. Leave.

14. Graymold can be found at the north end of one of the rivers. Start in a boat by Fort Dranlon. Go downriver south until you see a branch going west. Go west until you can go north, and keep going north until you reach the very head of the river (you will be blocked from boating further by waterfalls). The graymold is nearby.

15. First, heal Hathwisa (in Patrick's tower). 81

Then, ask Patrick about 'fort.' Go to his office, and search his desk. Go to the end of the hidden corridor and search the bookshelf. Finally, go the the Castle. The key is hidden behind a magic barrier in the southwest corner.

16. To get to the onyx scepter, you need the crystal key from Solberg's tower. To find it, go the the special encounter described in... 8

Get past the magic barrier to get into the large hidden area in the southwest corner of the Tower of Magi. Get past the huge magic barrier with the crystal key. Fight through the tiny maze beyond. Kill the really big demon at the end of the maze (Demonslayer is a big help for this). The onyx scepter is there.

17. To get the door back open, search the north end of the rooms at the west side of the crypt. When you find a statue, pull the arm down and run (not walk) to the front door of the crypt.

18. The gold key is beyond this barrier. To find out how to get in, go to... 15

19. The blade is hidden in the second floor of the huge slith temple, which is upriver north of Almaria, at the north end of the swamp. To get to the blade requires a key, which you will find hidden in the northeast corner of the first floor. Be prepared for lots of fighting.

20. You need the onyx key in the slith castle. You can find one in the slith town or the slith mage school, both to the north of the slith castle. The town is across the river from Fort Dharmon. The mage school is down the river to the west.

21. Any weapon can kill Grah-Hoth, but Demonslayer works best. To survive long enough to get to him, try casting a lot of protection spells just before tripping the special that exposes yourself to him.

Focus fire on Grah-Hoth. When he dies, the other demons disappear.

22. To get to the exit from the underworld, you want to pass the huge energy barrier in Sulfras' layer, just near where Sulfras sits. Get the silver circlet and the onyx scepter, and ask Sulfras for 'permission.'

23. To get started on your revenge, talk to the person who most desires the blood of Hawthorne: Erika. Go to her tower and ask her about 'mission' and then 'instructions.'

24. Find the witch to the southeast. Get her the mold (it's hidden beyond secret passages in the vicinity - don't miss the bunch just next the where the witch is). That makes getting through the tower easier.

Enter the tower from the south. Dispel the barrier. To get past the goblins: 25

After that, it's just fighting and searching for secret doors to get to Erika. Once there, be sure to search her library. You'll find a key which will make it much easier to get in in the future.

25. 'Pierce them both to get the prize.' Take it at its word. Kill the goblins. Search for secret doors in the wall behind them. Go down the middle corridor.

26. Talk to Gilbert (sitting by the fire). Ask him about 'door.' Go northwest. The door will be there.

27. To join the Scimitar, you need to talk to the right people. Go to... 6

28. Aydin, in the hidden tower on one of the northern islands, tells you how to find the passage to the teleporter to the surface world. In short, go to the river to the west of Aydin's tower. Go down it to the west, and the to the south. Search for secret passages on every ledge with swamp on it. Eventually, you'll find the beginning of the passage.

29. It's a giant slayer. It does bunches of extra damage to giants.

30. One of the brooches is on a body in the lowest parts of the Dark Pit, northeast of Mertis. You need a way to dispel barriers to get to it.

31. The Blessed Athame is in the secret area to the southwest in the Tower of Magi. Find a big room with two magic barriers side by side at the north end. Dispel the west barrier. Beyond it will be a 3x3 room with lava. Search for secret doors in the east wall of that room. In the room to the east, you'll find the Blessed Athame.

32. There is a set of slith plans hidden in the slith fort to the south of Fort Dharmon on a small island. Take the boat in the fort across the water and search to the southwest.

33. You will need to get the Royal Seal and 5 brooches (4 won't work). You will also need to get instructions from Aydin (in a tower on one of the northern islands) and the Dragon Khoth. Then, you need to learn a ritual from Erika to summon her. You get it by getting all 5 brooches and asking her for 'instructions.'

Finally, you need to find a special teleport pad created by the surface worlders. Erika will teleport you to the surface, where you can try to assassinate Hawthorne.

34. You get the second part of the password from Aimee. She lives on one of the northern islands, to the north of Pyrog's lair. Enter her hut and don't attack her.

To find out how to get a boat to get there... 39

35. First, you need to get over the chasm keeping you from Grah-Hoth's tower. 69

Then, you need to get past the lava. To do this, talk to a certain imprisoned demon to the northeast of the steam-filled cavern in the southeast end of Exile. He gives you good instructions to get into the fort, but only if King Micah has given you the mission to kill Grah-Hoth.

Finally, you need to get past the barriers to the north in Grah-Hoth's tower. To do this, talk to the angels hidden past secret passages in the lava filled area in the outdoors just to the southeast of the tower. One of them will tell you how to get past the barriers. Getting past by drinking at the fountains works, but it sucks your experience.

36. You need a royal token. 3

37. The buttons don't have anything to do with getting in. Search the stone area to the southwest of the tower for secret passages. Examine the runes (this area is still inside the town, not outdoors).

Search the northeast face of the tower for secret passages. Enter the hidden area and go through the teleporter (you should only see one teleporter).

38. First, you need to get across the chasm south of the giant's fort. How? 69

The scroll is hidden in the dungeon on the other side.

39. The giants have several boats on this area of water. Enter the giant's fort to get the giant key. The boats are beyond the huge gate to the east of the giant fort.

40. Heal Hathwisa. 81

Go ask Patrick about the 'password.'

41. This quest involves completing several quests King Micah gives you, in return for a position of power and wealth in Exile.

First, you need to go to King Micah. To do this, go to Formello and recover Mayor Evelyn's necklace.

42. Sss-Thsss is in the slith castle, which is in the middle of a huge lake. Start in a boat by Fort Dranlon. Go south, then go down the river to the west. Follow the coast to the south to get to the huge lake with the castle in the middle.

To avoid the guards, you can find out a nice piece of information from a drunken sailor in Silvar: there is a secret entrance on the south wall. Enter the castle from the west, and follow the wall to the south, searching for secret passages as you go. This gets you in without having to deal with the hordes at the front gate.

43. You need to get the crystal key from Solberg, who is in a hidden tower surrounded by lava near Formello. Go to... 8

44. Smite it in the Chasm Drake's lair, at the very southwest corner of Exile. It's hidden under a body at the north end of the lair.

45. To the west of the accursed pit, search for secret passages. You should find two hidden buttons. Push the one to the west, but not the one to the east. Cross the bridge.

46. Go to Mertis. Find Bertrand. Ask him about the 'brooch.' (You find out about this from a statue and then from Eldin in Dharmon.)

47. Ask Phyllea, in Fort Draco, about 'Cortath.' Where is she? She's hiding in the north side of town. Use a magic map and search for secret passages near her.

She will tell you to cross the bridge and go south. You'll find the graymold recipe in a ruined hut, You'll need a reasonably high Mage Lore skill.

48. Take the head of Sss-Thsss to Micah. Ask him about 'mission.' As you leave after collecting your reward, you should find out about Fort Remote being destroyed. Go there. Find the special encounter in the middle of town. Get in a big fight. Return to Micah. Ask about 'mission' again.

49. One of the brooches is in the cave of Motrax. Go to where Motrax is. Search the twisty passages to the west. The brooch is guarded by a lot of drakes.

50. The exit is in the twisty passage to the far southwest of Exile. Go to Fort Remote. Enter the caverns to the west. Go north, searching for the fort of Sulfras. The exit is beyond his lair.

51. Ask Erika about 'syllable.' Erika lives in a tower to the far west.

52. First, get through the two towers (you'll need to find some secret passages). 13 54

Then, you'll need the Royal Seal to get through an energy barrier.

Then, you'll need the Orb of Thralni to pass a pit and a lake.

Finally, you'll need to have the ritual to summon Erika for when you reach the pentagram. Get all five brooches, go to Erika, and ask her for 'instructions' until she gives it to you.

53. The dragon Pyrog has a brooch. Go into his lair. Kill him. Use the key to get past the locked door. The brooch is in a box in a secret room to the east.

54. To learn the ritual to get past the energy barriers, you need to talk to the dragon Khoth. He will tell you to recover a scroll that was stolen from him.

Go to the chasm to the south of the giant's fort. Fly over it. (How? Go to 69.)

The scroll is hidden in the dungeon on the other side. Return it to the pedestal in Khoth's lair.

Finally, ask Khoth about 'ritual.'

55. The silver circlet is in the town of Spire. To start on the quest, fight all the battles in the arena, and then ask Scab about 'circlet,' then 'Meena,' then 'failed,' then 'steal.'

You need a password. 73

You also need a tiny key. 75

Finally, you can get to the circlet through a secret door in the north wall of the town.

56. You need the stone key. There is a hint to where it is in one of the crypts. If it doesn't help... 4

57. The tip is at the bottom level of the Crypt of Drath, beyond the lair of a lich. To find the crypt, start at Fort Emerald. Go north to the slith fort, and west. Once you reach a huge cave, go to the far northeast corner.

If you have trouble getting in, go to... 56

58. The bronze key is in the new Nephilim fort, to the north of Fort Duvno. It's past a secret door in the far northwest corner.

59. Sss-Thsss is in the slith castle (look on the map). You need to find an onyx key, sneak in, go upstairs, fight your way to Sss-Thsss, and stab him a whole bunch of times. If you can't figure out how to get to him, go to... 42

60. The gremlins are unhappy. Bring them a bottle of wine from Almaria and they'll let you by.

61. Opening the flask requires a Blessed Athame (you find out about this from Rone, in the Castle). To find the athame, go to... 31

62. The people with the best information on how to escape are the people who most want to - The Scimitar. To find out how to join, go to... 6

63. To get past the huge gate and in and out of the giant's fort, you need the giant key. Enter the giant fort by the front door. Fall through the trap door. There is a secret passage in the south wall of your cell (you have to move diagonally to get through it). The giant key is past a secret door to the northwest.

If you're having trouble killing all the giants... 44

64. To get past the horde at the front gate... 64

Look for a door with an onyx lock. To get the onyx key... 20

To get to Sss-Thsss once on the second floor, go southeast, then west, then north, then east, fighting as you go.

65. The Royal Seal is in the ruined fort Akhronath. The fort is beyond the lava pools in the steam filled cavern in southeast Exile. To get in, you need the gold key... 15

The Royal Seal is in the locked room in the northwest corner of the ruin. If you keep getting killed by the lava... 86

66. You can enter Bargha from the east through the secret passage in the cave wall at the north end of the east wall.

67. Boutell (in Fort Draco) will be more than happy to repair Demonslayer for you. Go ask him about 'repair.'

68. Boutell, in Fort Draco, had a huge anvil. Ask 'X' about 'Boutell.'

69. Eventually, you will need a magic item that enables you to fly. You need the Orb of Thralni. To find it, go to... 89

70. The Nepharim have the pommel. Go to the Nepharim fort, north of Cotra. Enter the crypt in the very northwest corner of the dungeon. It's there.

71. The necklace is in the huge Nephilim fort, west of Formello. If you have trouble getting in... 78

The necklace is in the temple at the southwest corner of the second floor. You'll need the bronze key to get in.. 58

There is a gold necklace on the wall with some trophies. It's not magical (sell it). The real necklace is in the temple, on a pedestal.

72. Search the west wall of the island the tower is on. There will be a secret passage, which leads to a blue field. To get past the field... 7

73. You get the password from Asp, in Cotra. Ask him about the 'circlet.'

74. One circlet is in the lair of the Giant, Intelligent, Friendly, Talking Spiders, to the northwest of Fort Draco. Keep approaching them, asking about the mission. Eventually, one of them will tell you to go to the aranea city to the west. Go there and free the friendly spider hidden in a cell to the northeast. You get to the cell by going to the large spider audience room in the north center of the dungeon, and then going east.

Once you free the spider, return to the friendly spider lair and search to the north. One of the webs that previously blocked your way will be gone, enabling you to reach some bodies. Search them to find the circlet.

75. After fighting in the arena three times, ask Scab about 'steal.' Search the tunnels to the west of town. Past a secret passage you will find a special encounter (towards the north end of the tunnels). Go to the special to receive the tiny key.

76. To join the Scimitar, go to Bargha. It's at the north end of the Abyss. Ask Calder, the barkeep, about the 'Scimitar.' Go down the stairs behind the secret door to the west of the bar.

Say 'Phaedrus' to the man you find downstairs. He will send you to the gremlin cave, which is in the southwest corner of the huge rubble-filled cave east of Fort Spire. Search for secret passages in the northern gremlin cave. Go through the teleporter. Fight a lot. Search for secret doors in the southern bedroom. Go into the cave beyond and through the teleporter. Find the orb. Don't look into it - break it. Search for secret passages to the south of the orb, and teleport back to the Empire soldier's hideout. Search for secret passages in the north wall of the room with the tables and chairs. Pull the lever beyond. Go through the teleporter to the south (the same one you went through before). Leave the cave and return to Below Bargha.

Ask Cleese about 'Phaedrus' and 'scimitar.' You're in!

77. They summoned a Haakai Lord, and now can't control him. What is relevant to you is that they used the onyx scepter as bait.

78. You can keep the oil from flowing by destroying the apparatus on the second floor. However, first you have to get in.

Go to the river north of the fort (you'll have to circle around to the west). Fight past the two groups of guards. Search for secret passages near the east end of the shore. You will find a secret passage leading to the north side of the fort. The fort is much easier to attack from this side.

79. To get the statues to talk to you, say to them 'divulge.' You find out about this from Erika.

The one statue that says something really useful is in Blosk. It's hidden to the southeast.

80. Athron is hidden in the Honeycomb, to the west of Mertis. You can only get to it by boat. Start in a boat by Silvar. Head west, following the south coast. Everyplace you can get off the boat, get off and search for secret passages. You will find a secret passage in a swampy area. It leads to the lair of Athron.

81. To heal Hathwisa, you need to make graymold salve and give it to her.

Where's the graymold? 14

Where's the recipe? 47

82. Go to Josie (inside the tower). Ask her about 'defenses.'

83. A man named Leith can tell you this information: shooting a monster with the wand increases the monster's health. It's not too useful.

84. You can get hints about the locations of the brooches by searching Erika's library and by talking to all the statues. To find out what to say to them... 79

85. On the second floor of the crypt, you need to push two buttons, one hidden to the northwest and one hidden to the southwest. This removes the walls blocking the stairs down in the south center of the dungeon.

When you reach the teleporter rooms on the third floor of the Crypt of Drath, go through the east teleporter three times, then search the east wall for secret doors. Go through the passage to the room with the undead, kill them, and leave to the south. The teleporter there takes you back to the stairs up. Don't forget to grab the piece of Demonslayer!

86. The trick to getting through the ruined demon fort is to find the boat. It's to the west of the entrance. With the boat, the thing is difficult, but possible. You'll need to wend your way through the dungeon. The thing you need is to the far northwest.

87. The prisoners are in the Nepharim fort, north of Cotra. The easiest was to rescue them is to enter and find, near the entrance, the secret passage to the west. Head west then north through the passage, searching for secret passages as go. When you find one, go through, search for secret passages in the building you find, and go through again. Sneak northeast, going to the north side of the northernmost building. Enter the room the the east of the portcullis and pull the lever. Enter the building just to the south, and free the prisoners. Escape through the secret passages around the dungeon.

Alternately, if you have a more powerful party, just fight your way in, go to the far north, open the portcullis, and enter the northern building to free the prisoners.

88. The main thing to remember is that your job is to kill Hawthorne. You're at the south end of the dungeon. He's at the north.

Hawthorne isn't too strong. All you really need to do is get close, and a few kill spells will finish him off. To get close, you simply need to get past all the guards in the way.

There are many ways to do it. One of the better ones is to, when you arrive, kill the guards in the room with you. Go up to the north doors. Haste everyone repeatedly. Use a lot of protection spells and potions. Then make a run for it. Don't stop, just charge. Between the haste and protection, you should be able to get within spell range of Hawthorne. Then cut loose with your spells. With luck and a decent party, you'll succeed.

89. Go to the Waterfall Maze. Start one space south of the sign that says "The Waterfall Warren."

Go 5 west,1 south and down the waterfall, 1 south, 3 east, 3 south, 3 east, 1 south and down the waterfall, 2 south, 5 west, 1 south and down the waterfall. Keep heading roughly south. After the second waterfall, the dungeon you're looking for is to the east.

90. It's hidden in the north end of a dungeon in the waterfall maze. Can't get through the maze? 89

91. You are supposed to kill Pyrog. All four other dragons know something useful. If you killed one of them before you got what you're needed, you're stuck.

92. One is on an island to the south. One is in the slith fort on the island to the southwest. One of the human prisoners in the slith slaves camps has one. An old drake (outdoors) has another. One is in a temple (to the northwest) accessable only by boat. Finally, one is in the caves of the Spider Lord, hidden to the northwest, by a large swamp.

93. The key to the temple on the second floor is hidden in a secret room in the northeast corner of the first floor.

94. One of the pieces of mold is on the other side of the river. You need either the Orb of Thralni or one of the giant's boats to get to it.

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